New contact information

Have you heard about Seed to Shade's new contact information?

Please update to my new email address:

My previous email addresses will no longer reach me after March 2023.


We appreciate your help on keeping your records and files up to date. Please advise when you have contact, beneficiary, income and job changes. We also ask you to reach out when you have changes to make, or expectations of change that may affect your product, time or risk needs. It is important to review your products, plans and goals regularly.

Please reach out to us at any time. Our team is here to help with your planning as life and needs change.

Thank you for being our client.

- Jennifer Bain

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Jennifer Bain, B.Comm., CFP, EPC

Financial Planner
Investment Representative

Cecilia Orungbemi

Advisor Support Associate

Luke Engele, PFP

Associate Advisor/Financial Planner
Investment Representative

Carol Lazaro

Advisor Support Associate

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